Lou Ebner

 Market Expectation Letter

Lou-Ebner-Profile-Pic-squaredDuring the financial crisis of 2008 he set out to discover a more objective way of forecasting financial markets, reminded of an subjective industry that time after time destroy their clients wealth.





Lou Ebner’s simple, yet profound perspective on the Markets and people in general is fantastic. An eye opener.
I’ve been advising people for 30 yrs. This is a simple and effective way to understand what moves markets… Joe F.

By understanding our expectation, the theory is applied to the stock market how what we can expect and which way the stock market will move based on what we know… Kia

With Great, Double-Dip and Global Recessions, I highly recommend this to get set for the 2013-2014 roller-coaster ride… Alex C.

In addition to authoring “Market Expectation Letter” Lou Ebner wrote the book, “The Art of Expectations” which reveals a simple objective Expectations Indicator, which gives a much clearer view of the stock market. The Expectations Indicator takes the mystery out of the market and identifies crucial pivot points the stock market. His market philosophy is “as investors we should not be asking what the best stocks to buy are but rather when to buy or sell them”.

The Expectation Indicator combined with Lou Ebner’s experience in interpreting it since 2009 to identify likely pivot points in the stock market are used in the creation of the “Market Expectation Letter” and the premium service market alerts.

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