What is the Market Expectation Letter About?

It is very important to understand that the guiding principal behind the Market Expectation Letter is that “it is not a question of what are the best stocks to buy or sell but rather when to buy or sell them”. The Market Expectation Letter provides timing to likely changes in stock market trends.


Lou Ebner’s simple, yet profound perspective on the Markets and people in general is fantastic. An eye opener.
I’ve been advising people for 30 yrs. This is a simple and effective way to understand what moves markets… Joe F.

By understanding our expectation, the theory is applied to the stock market how what we can expect and which way the stock market will move based on what we know… Kia

With Great, Double-Dip and Global Recessions, I highly recommend this to get set for the 2013-2014 roller-coaster ride… Alex C.

What is the Significance of Market Timing?

A good performing stock will perform better in a bull market than a bear market and a poor performing stock will not perform as bad in a bull market than if in a bear market. Understand the above statement it is why it is better to buy a good performing stock a bull market and sell a poor performing stock in a bear market.

What Information the Market Expectation Letter does and does not Provide?

• The Market Expectation Letter does not provide individual stocks recommendations.
• The Market Expectation Letter does provides likely timing to changes in stock market trends and or potential market action opportunities, such as pullbacks.
• The Market Expectation Letter does not provide financial advice.
• The Market Expectation Letter does represents the opinion of the author and does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any type of financial product or security.

Why read the Market Expectation Letter?

The financial media and the Internet are bubbling with “market gurus” who claim to have the next best stock to buy or sell. As an investor we should be asking why are they making this recommendation, is it so they can sell their position to us if they say to buy it or buy their suggested sell stock at a lower price. Any individual stock or financial product recommended must benefit the person or entity recommending it or why would they offer the recommendation.

The Market Expectation Letter is an objective approach to the stock market that does not consider any personal feelings of the author and only reflects the readings of the Expectations Indicator. The author only benefits if a reader subscribes to the market alerts and or buys his book “The Art of Expectations”. The Market Expectation Letter is simple and has been quite reliable since its inception, which you can be your own judge of by reviewing the track record.

Lastly, the Market Expectation Letter takes all of 5 minutes to read monthly and its Free.

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